Qartuli Itsi?

August 13, 2010

This is how it happened.

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Dad was praying in the car.
Then mom and it was long.
Marcus called but I couldn’t chat.
Didn’t chat because I never answer the phone that early in the morning.
The check in line was way to long for a flight departing at 630.
I wish we’d left earlier.
My hair looks like a poodle and my make up is nil.
At this exact moment I wish everyone would go away.
Dad’s asking me questions
Why is there is different line?
Is your luggage too heavy.
I don’t know (to both)
I cut the line.
Spend 50 bucks to check second bag
Miss the days when 2 bags were free.
Unload 20lbs of suitcase guts
Feeling kind of angry
Goodbye favorite shoes
Goodbye new books
Goodbye jewelry
Goodbye pajamas
Sad that I’ve been grumpy with dad
Goodbye dad.
He’s my buddy.
Security check, man makes me smile.
He seems unmoved by my sour attitude.
Flight boards right as I sit down.
Take my seat.
Carry on won’t fit
Wait a few moments
Still won’t fit.
In a rage kick the carry on with my feet.
Okay I lied… it wasn’t a rage.
Plane takes off
I black out.
Wake up in Chicago
Drag heavy bag(s)
Realize I left my travel mug with tea steeper
Hate my life.
Realize I have 40 bucks worth of loose teas but no steeper
Hate my life more.
Go to Starbucks
Buy a travel mug
Not at good as my old one.
No steeper.
Left good travel mug in New Orleans airport
Order perfect oatmeal
Drag bag(s)
Find my gate
Only 8 hours until I board.
See another teacher going my way.
She is asleep.
Sit on the floor.
Pay for wireless Internet
Write about what happened.


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