Qartuli Itsi?

August 26, 2010

Never touch strange buttons

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I’m famous for touching random things that don’t belong to me, sticking my hands in peoples pockets, or awing at shiny coins. What can I say I’m an interesting girl. This time however my need to touch something unfortunately coincided with a city wide black out.


It's the radio against the wall.


Although we didn’t know each other very well, I coerced Nuzzi into meeting me for a lazy afternoon. I’m not even two steps out of the  door when I’m bombarded with a million and one questions: what are you doing? where are you going? who are you meeting?  After answering these questions, promising  to be a good and come home married, I leave to find Nuzzi.


We're Still Watching You


Once we meet, Raughley decides we must visit this one café which was the birth place of some great Russian general or something.  I don’t know Raughley is one of those guys with random facts looming about his head. He’s reading Russian and translating what the posters say which I find pretty cool…  It’s Russian propaganda of course saying things like , we love America but they hate us, the usual right?


Every two seconds someone in America dies...


After experiencing my first Turkuli Kava and making a ton of photos to fellow TLGers, The Nuze and I decide to head out. As we’re leaving I spot an old vintage radio that is screaming to be touched! My mouth is watering as questions like does it work float into my mind. I run to it, slowly touch the round black knob and fiddle, just a little. As I’m fiddling the lights being to flicker until finally everything goes black. Raughley looks at me smugly…ooops..


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